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The Yangtze River World Report:  Everything You Need to Know About the Yangtze River Economic Region.

The Yangtze River provides access to almost a half-billion people or a third of China's population. As China's wealth continues to build, this population base has the potential to provide companies access to massive labor and consumer markets. Nowhere else in the world are new cities, ports and opportunities emerging at the pace that they are along the Yangtze River.
The Yangtze River World Report is 400+ pages of researched and sourced materials.  The authors, Jon Monroe and Chengxi Shen, provide great detail the Yangtze River's emergence as a principal engine of growth in the world.  This report provides the most up-to-date picture of the major cities and transportation infrastructure along the Yangtze River, including some of the following:
  • Macro to city level developments at ports, roads, railways, bridges, airports
  • Logistics cost breakdown and advantage vs. coastal ports
  • Hyperlinked and updated regional and city level maps, including highways & railways
  • Discussion of the river broken by upper, middle, lower reaches, delta and coastal ports
  • Container port projection through 2020 based upon local and provincial port plans
  • Detailed city profiles, with up-to-date city plans for economic development, expansion and future
  • Latest updates on new infrastructure projects to be completed during the 12th Five Year Plan (2011 to 2015) including terminals, bridges, tunnels, highways and railways
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"I found the report to be extremely comprehensive and a valuable guide and reference for shipping lines, BCO's, NVO's and anyone looking to do business along the dynamic Yangtze River Corridor. The level of detail is amazing given the scope of the report and at the same time a common thread of ensuring the reader understands the larger picture taking place in the context of the "Go West" policy.  A must read!"

- Fred Castonguay, Modern Terminals.

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Your Purchase Includes:

  • Approximately 400 pages of originally sourced and researched material
  • Drill down from macro to city level developments at ports, railways, bridges, roads, airports...along with case studies, fact sheets, and more
  • Logistics cost breakdown and advantage vs. coastal ports
  • Easy to reference format with a high level executive summary and the river broken into upper, middle, lower reaches, delta and coastal ports
  • Original, hyperlinks and updated regional and city level maps, including existing and projected highways and railways

Also Included With The Yangtze River World Report:

  • The Authors will answer your questions via email about the Yangtze River, its logistics and business environment

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