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Jon Monroe Consulting (JMC) was formed out of the realization that the complexity of global sourcing requires a repository of expertise that is being continuously upgraded.  JMC specializes in the Ocean Transportation and Inter-Modal Chain, China Sourcing and Distribution and Technology Platforms that support the movement of product through this chain of events.

Sourcing from both Europe and the United States has been migrating to China since the opening of the mainland in 1979; first through Hong Kong and then direct through Mainland China. JMC began working on projects in China since it’s inception in 1999.
In January of 2001, JMC teamed with Chengxi Shen set up our China presence to provide connections and guidance for U.S. companies in China. JMC’s projects in China include due diligence on port terminal investment. Some of the companies we have advised include FMC Technologies, Circuit City, Mohawk Industries, Pioneer Electronics, Topocean Group, Cargo One and Farallon Capital.

In October of 2003, with the support of SIPG (Shanghai Int’l Port Group), JMC conducted a 10 day research trip down the Yangtze River to document the changes in manufacturing, transportation and logistics along the Yangtze as a result of the China government’s "Go West" policy. We walked through all the major terminals in the top 10 Yangtze River ports and also established relationships with local government in each port as well as port and logistics operators.

As the follow up of this trip, JMC has been in contact on a consistent basis with the local government and ports on the changes each year in the Yangtze and brings necessary information to the world through working with media publications in the U.S. and Europe. Our ultimate goal is to build a global community around the development in China's inland region.

JMC Milestones

1999 - NVOCC & Retail First Clients:
  • Topocean
  • Saks Inc.

2001 - Technology & 4PL

  • Design & Hosting of CargoTec (an Ocean Technology Conference)
  • Support Vector SCM Global Ocean Management

2002 - Asia Pacific

  • JMC Establishes China Representation
  • Asia Pacific Research for BAX Global
  • Completed Project to Support Strategic Plan for Asia (China) Consolidation
2003 - Investment &
Global RFQ
  • Locate China investment opportunities for Barra Partners
  • Support Global RFQ for Pioneer Electronics
  • Led investor group to Shanghai to invest in Port of Shanghai.  Established a working relationship with a University in Shanghai to support a Logistics Research Center; Established Class A contacts for client to setup neutral NVOCC from Qingdao and Tianjin.
  • First Yangtze River research trip covers 10 ports and its surrounding areas.
  • The JMC Yangtze River White Paper publicized by JOC and American Shipper.
  • In-depth research trip to Chonqing and Wanzhou in the upper reaches of Yangtze, further extended to the manufacturing and outsourcing subject.
  • Introduced SIPG to GPA(Georgia Port Authority) during SIPG’s visit in U.S. on one of the JMC port investment project, GPA later became the sister port of Shanghai.
  • Hosted the reception in SFO for SIPG, the attendees invited in the industry, include carriers, port technology and logistics real-estate companies in the Bay Area.


  • JMC Shanghai as the invited consultant by Eagle Logistics(now CEVA) for a round-table on the investment environment of the Yangtze.
  • Invited speaker on the Richmond Conference on the Quey II, NY which the subject on Yangtze attracts the Fortune 1000 companies.
  • Invited speaker on the Eye for Transport (UK) China Summit in Shanghai; our presentation on the Yangtze development is an unprecedented over 5,000 downloads.

2005 (cont.)
  • Invited speaker on the Containerization Int’l (UK) Ningbo conference, CI publicized its exclusive interview JMC on the Yangtze development. Arranged the Shanghai visit for American Shipper, introduce them to SIPG and Shanghai Shipping Exchange.
  • Helped JOC to set up their first China Conference
  • Invited speaker by the Royal Danish Consulate Shanghai for the Nordic Bank Delegation on the Yangtze investment opportunities.
  • Follow up visit in Wuhan – the “Chicago” in China to study the intermodal infrastructures.
  • Created and edited the JMC China and Yangtze River logistics maps.


  • Yangtze River Golden Water study for GPA.
  • 3rd visit in Wuhan to the Wuhan Port and a potential investment project.


  • Allied with JOC on the series of reports on the Yangtze: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

In addition, over the past 10 years, Jon Monroe has recruited a team of professionals with extensive experience in all aspects of supply chain management who understand that the most important part of any supply chain is its ability to move product and data quickly, efficiently, and with as few exceptions as possible.  The staff of JMC has the know how to help our clients make this happen.

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