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United States

Jon Monroe and Cynthia Chen

Jon Monroe,  President - Business Process Design and Improvement, Ocean Supply Chain Logistics and Investment Due Diligence

Jon has held senior management positions with top forwarding and logistic companies Emery Worldwide, Circle International and Hyundai Merchant Marine.  He developed the strategy for Hyundai’s Import program from Asia to North America, and was responsible for the ocean product at both Emery and Circle.  Since he started Jon Monroe Consulting in 1999, Jon has gained wide industry acceptance as a leader in providing solutions for marketing strategies, I.T. applications, operating systems and business direction.  Jon has an MBA from Monterey Institute of International Studies and a BA in International Studies from the University of California at Los Angeles.

Consultant Partners

Allan Farbstein - Ocean Supply Chain Logistics, Forwarding Operations

Al brings a wealth of experience in forwarding and logistic companies spanning over 35 years.  Allan has held senior management positions with such companies as Circle International, Novo International, APL, and Hapag-Lloyd.  Allan founded an NVO and Freight Broker Company, Universal Marine Transportation, which operated from 1985 to 1993. Allan provides support to Jon Monroe Consulting in developing and designing concepts for the various business needs of the clients.  Allan earned his BA in Economics from the University of San Francisco.

Steve Kott - Export and Import Customs Compliance, CT-PAT and Homeland Security Issues

Steve is responsible for U.S. export and import compliance issues as well as C-TPAT. Steve has spent the better part of his career working for large U.S. importers in the customs compliance and regulations field. His background includes working for companies like K-Mart, Panasonic and Thomson Multi-Media Group.

China: Shanghai

Chengxi Shen (Cynthia) - Chief Representative China Sourcing, Distribution and Supply Chain Services

Cynthia travels between in Shanghai and Seattle. Cynthia is responsible for Jon Monroe Consulting’s projects and clients in Central and Northern China. She works closely with factories, logistics companies and government entities to promote JMC’s client interests in China.  Cynthia is fluent in both Mandarin and English and is a local resident in Shanghai. Cynthia’s background includes working with European companies such as Siemens and Panalpina. Cynthia has a BS degree in Computer Science from Shanghai Fu-Dan University and a BE from Shanghai Finance and Economics University.

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