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Information Technology and EDI SystemsIn today’s increasingly complex global trade environment companies need immediate access to their data to make decisions and they are becoming more, not less, dependent on others to provide them with this data.

Jon Monroe Consulting (JMC) understands the ocean transportation industry, the ever more complicated import process, and the importance of the data and information that can impact your company’s productivity and profitability.

The import supply chain is made up of many different players, each with their own roles and responsibilities to get the product to its final destination. Our team of professionals specialize in working with each of these players - retailers, logistics companies, carriers, technology providers - to help you move the product faster and manage the data better. 
Because of our experience in the ocean transportation sector our clients have relied on our knowledge and expertise to supplement their own staff in the areas of software selection and acceptance, trouble-shooting and assessment of current systems, and improvement of their data visibility and utilization.

We understand the technology, the proprietary information and terminology, and the processes that make the import business, and ocean transportation in particular, unique.

JMC works with companies who want to take advantage of global sourcing opportunities and the technology that supports it, and who look to us to help them improve their systems and staff.

We provide, on an as-needed basis, a fast and cost effective way of getting your job done without increasing your permanent staff.

For more information, please contact us.

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JMC can help you…
  • Evaluate, purchase, and deploy new technology for supply chain execution, warehouse management, transportation purchasing, and PO management
  • Assess and improve current systems and processes
  • Improve existing or add new data communication and collection via EDI (e.g. 310, 315, 850, 856), XML, bar-code scanning, or RFID
  • Add knowledgeable resources to a project to achieve an early or on-time completion without increasing permanent staff
  • Identify opportunities to improve information handling and visibility within existing applications and processes

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