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Yangtze River - Jon Monroe ConsultingBefore establishing Jon Monroe Consulting, Jon Monroe was following the manufacturing trends in Asia which have made first Asia, now China, a manufacturing powerhouse.  JMC has continued to follow these trends and in January of 2001, established representation in Shanghai through the addition of Cynthia Shen to the JMC team.

Jon Monroe Consulting is now engaged in a number of projects in China and is following closely the emerging trends that are taking place in Central China. With the completion of the Three Gorges Dam, JMC predicts that Shanghai will become the gateway to China as the Yangtze River becomes a major transportation artery to support the governments "Go West" policy. Furthermore, with the completion of new deep water berths in Shanghai that can accommodate the larger containerships, JMC expects that Shanghai will become a major transshipment center for Northeast Asia.

In October of 2003, Jon Monroe Consulting led a team down the Yangtze River to document opportunities and changes as a result of the new possibilities allowed by the China government policies and completion of the Three Gorges Dam.  View the trip details by clicking the links below.

In 2007, we created and edited the JMC China and Yangtze River logistics maps.  Click the link below to visit our maps page.

  Read Yangtze River White Paper         View JMC China Maps         View 2003 Trip Details

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