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RFQ Management - Jon Monroe ConsultingIn today's increasingly complex global trade environment companies are ever more dependent on their transportation and logistics providers for on-time, cost-effective service and product visibility throughout their supply chain.  JMC understands the ocean transportation industry, the ever more complicated import process, and the impact that an efficient transportation network can have on your company's productivity and profitability.  JMC's in-depth knowledge of the ocean transportation sector combined with our proprietary database containing international market trends and rate levels gives our clients a unique advantage in the RFQ process.

A successful transportation tender will leverage the company's global volumes, communicate the data that providers need to submit competitive bids, and manage and analyze the responses leading to the selection of a vendor and the negotiation of a contract.

JMC helps you accomplish this by designing the necessary processes and working with you every step of the way, this includes but is not limited to assessing and validating the internal data you will want to supply to the carriers, designing the tender process and timeline from start to finish, and creating the templates you should use to analyze the response data. We can also assist you with the selection process and contract negotiations.

JMC has also had experience with the numerous technology companies that provide tender management software.  These applications can be important as tools to aid in the collection and comparison of response data but they can't decide who the tenders should be sent to, assess the most profitable response, or negotiate the best contract terms and conditions. Our market expertise and experience can help you to do all of these things and more.  

For more information, please contact us.

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JMC can help you…

  • Gather the internal information needed to create a successful RFQ
  • Design the overall tender process and templates
  • Write, organize and issue a meaningful RFQ tender for transportation providers
  • Manage carrier communications to ensure competitive responses
  • Merge and analyze tender response information
  • Create a methodology to facilitate carrier selection
  • Develop a strategic plan to leverage global volumes

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