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Customs, C-TPAT, and Security Systems - Jon Monroe ConsultingIn today's increasingly complex global trade environment, it is that much more important that companies need to keep their customs and security processes and documentation compliant with current regulations.
Jon Monroe Consulting (JMC) understands the ocean transportation industry, the ever more complicated import/export processes, and the impact that customs and other regulatory agency relationships can have on your company's productivity and profitability.
In this post-9/11 trade environment, customs and homeland security have become an important part of a successful supply chain. Navigating through the constantly changing and demanding regulatory requirements involved in the import and export of materials and finished goods can be frustrating and time consuming. JMC understands these requirements and has long-standing relationships with the many government regulatory agencies involved. 
JMC assists companies in establishing a C-TPAT Program, conducts reviews based on current Customs and Border Protection audit programs, institutes internal compliance programs, and develops Customs Broker standard operating procedures.
We can also work with your staff to take advantage of an FTZ (Free Trade Zone) or Bonded Warehouse facility or to establish a drawback program which will help your company benefit from current trade regulations. 
JMC helps companies, like yours, who want to improve and document their internal compliance procedures and remain current with the ever increasing number of governmental regulations and requirements. We can provide you with the knowledge and experience you need to be successful in today's complex customs and security environment.
For more information, please contact us.

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JMC can help you…

  • Establish internal customs compliance procedures, documentation and manuals
  • Review and improve current systems and processes for product classification and valuation
  • Establish drawback program
  • Interface with Government Regulatory Agencies (e.g. FDA, FCC, USDA)
  • Set up memorandum of understanding with Customs and Border Protection
  • Assist in setting minimum security standards for suppliers and service providers
  • Prepare for C-TPAT government review

Jon Monroe Consulting

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