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Welcome to Jon Monroe Consulting, your ocean transportation and intermodal supply chain strategies and technology consulting company.

Our vision is to provide the international supply chain industry with the expertise to achieve greater efficiency through better management of data and processes in the areas of ocean transportation and intermodal supply chain, China sourcing and distribution, and supply chain technology solutions.

  • Business Process Design and Improvement
  • Ocean Supply Chain Logistics and Optimization
  • Forwarding Operations
  • Global Ocean RFQ Management
  • Research, Statistics, Engineering, and Data Management
  • Information Technology and EDI Systems
  • Export and Import Customs Compliance, Homeland Security, and C-TPAT
Experience and Strategy
From complex issues in shipping and ocean transportation between China and the United States, today's companies need strategic help in many areas such as export and import customs compliance, homeland security issues, information technology, EDI systems, global ocean RFQ management and ocean supply chain solutions, logistics and optimization.

Jon Monroe Consulting provides all these services and also offers over 10 years of experience and unsurpassed expertise in the Yangtze River area from relationships with all major Yangtze River ports and authorities to detailed maps and logistical data.

We can help your business improve it's process design and forwarding operations as well as in many other areas such as research, statistics, engineering and data management.  Our staff understands the issues and concerns that come with creating and maintaining a successful supply chain and will put their extensive knowledge to work for you.

Please visit any of the links below to find out how JMC can help your company successfully manage all aspects of China sourcing, distribution, supply chain and ocean transportation.

Jon Monroe Consulting

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